What is this extension all about? (top)

SyncMarks is a Firefox extension designed to keep your bookmarks up to date between not only multiple browsers (such as IE) but also multiple computers. Once the extension is installed, it can be configured to synchronize with a variety of targets.

Why are so many things disabled? (top)

This extension is in its very early stages (hence the < 1.0 version). Therefore, some things are still being implemented and there's no point in turning them on just to have them crash your browser (or worse). There is a list of known features that need to be implemented, maintained in bugzilla.

How do I keep the Firefox "Personal Toolbar Folder" and IE's "Links" snychronized? (top)

Unfortunately, the "Personal Toolbar Folder" and the "Links" folders are not named the same thing by default, and Firefox does not expose the "special" nature of the "Personal Toolbar Folder." There are two ways to solve this problem:

First, the easiest way, is to simply rename your "Personal Toolbar Folder" to "Links" You can do this by right-clicking on the "Personal Toolbar Folder" and selecting "Properties" and changing the name of the folder.

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep the name of your "Personal Toolbar Folder," you can tell Firefox (well, SyncMarks really) that it is the toolbar folder by changing its ID. To do this, make sure Firefox is completely closed, go into your Firefox profile and edit the "bookmarks.html" file. Find your "Personal Toolbar Folder" and change the ID attribute to "NC:PersonalBookmarkFolder" as shown below.

When finised, make sure your new link looks something like the following:
<H3 LAST_MODIFIED="1099685006" PERSONAL_TOOLBAR_FOLDER="true" ID="NC:PersonalToolbarFolder">My Toolbar</H3>

Why is this thing so slow?? (top)

Some users have complained that this extension runs very slow. Well, if you have enabled all the various targets (Windows Favorites, HTML, XML, etc.) and you have 100's of bookmarks, it will be slow. If you have a slow machine and have SyncMarks automatically synchronize each time you start and shut down, it will be slow.

The bottom line is, SyncMarks is the slowest when synchronizing to the Windows Favorites folder. Each time a synchronization is done, SyncMarks creates a file in the Favorites folder for every bookmark you have. This means a lot of disk I/O, which means the script appears to run slowly. One thing that helps this is to enable the "Don't sync unless Firefox changed" option in the General settings tab.

If you still think that the extension runs too slowly, submit a bug with as much information about your environment as you can provide (machine configuration, SyncMarks configuration, number of bookmarks, etc.) and I'll see if I can do anything. An even better way to help is to take a look at the code and submit a patch to make it better ;).


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